Surfboard ALOHA - Hamster 5.9 XF tint FCSII

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Breit, flach, schnell und agil. Die tiefe Doppelkonkave kombiniert mit Performance Rails verleihen diesem Board hohe Reaktionsfreudigkeit, Drive und Speed.
Der perfekte Small Wave Ripper

Lieferumfang: Board ohne Finnen, mit Finnenschrauben

Wide, flat, fast and loose.
Big double concave combined with performance rails give this board sensitivity, drive and speed to make this the ultimate small wave experience.
Use a quad setup for pockety summer rip bowls or run the thruster setup for crispy down the line points, or do whatever the hell you want.
That's right, surfing is fun!
- Marcie ONeill -

5.9 x 21 1/4 x 2 5/16
Volume: 32 Lit
FCSII Finplugs
Recommended Fins: FCSII Accelerator PC

XP Technology
EPS Core - 36 Gram EPS Foam
Biaxial Deck - Added Strength an Durability
Epoxy - Super White Resin Finish

Content: Board without Fins

Built using the latest in EPS/Epoxy materials; the XF technology combines a lightweight EPS core with Biaxial fibreglass cloth and Epoxy resin. All XF boards are constructed using a 36gram EPS core with a high-grade timber stringer, each board is hand laminated using epoxy resign and biaxial fibreglass on the deck providing a lighter, stronger board that feels fast and responsive under your feet increasing performance in a wide variety of conditions!
- Biaxial Fibre Glass has about half of its fibres aligned along the length of the cloth (0 degrees) and about half across the cloth (90 degrees) lending itself as a perfect option for creating a controlled flex pattern.
- Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam is a version of polystyrene foam typically found in the core of Firewire surfboards. EPS is typically the lightest of the three foams used in surfboard construction resulting in a much lighter board translating to increased buoyancy and floatation. Basically the lowest density or lightest board will float you the best! The advantage of better buoyancy is added paddling speed and increased manoeuvrability allowing you to ride a smaller board. EPS foam core is also less likely to deteriorate over time!
- Epoxy resin is a healthier alternative to polyester as epoxy emits 50-75% fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds) than polyester resin, which means a decrease in harmful chemicals in the shop and the environment in general. In fact, epoxy is a common household item, safe to use without a mask and with only moderate ventilation. Epoxy is lighter than polyester. Under most circumstances, resin makes up a large part of a completed board's overall weight. Not only is epoxy lighter than polyester, but less is needed per coat. This ends up meaning a lighter surfboard, a big plus for most surfers. The biggest bonus However is the durability and strength of epoxy resin.

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